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Issue of Malfunctioning Touch Display in the Sputtering Unit of Prof. Anjan Barman's lab
/ Writer / : Anjan Barman 2021-10-16

Dear Dr. Rick Woo, I hope you are doing well amid this global pandemic situation. Here, in India, we were having difficult situation for nearly one and half year, which

hampered our research and purchase process. Quite sometime back (the email string is attached with this email) we discussed with you about an issue of Touch Panel Display of our RF/DC Magnetron Sputtering System (RMS-2000); System serial no.: 120320KVS107 and you suggested us to replace it with a new one. The purchase process got stalled for various reasons and we are very sorry for that. Now that we are slowly starting our labs and purchase process again, would kindly help us to purchase the replacement Touch Display system one again? I look forward to your kind cooperation in this regard. With kind regards, prof. (Dr.) Anjan Barman -- Dr. Anjan Barman, FASc Senior Professor & Associate Dean (Faculty) Department of Condensed Matter Physics and Material Sciences S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences Block - JD, Sector - III, Salt Lake City Kolkata - 700106, INDIA E-mail: and Tel: +91-33-23355706-8 (xtn. 201) Fax: +91-33-23353477 Homepage: